Making IT a business solution

Making IT a business solution

Needs Analysis

The needs analysis is the most important part of any project. This is where you clearly identify the key business issues that need to be addressed.

Victor Consulting pride ourselves with the skills we can bring to this stage of a project. With many years of experience with companies of all sizes we can help you to identify your key business drivers and gain an understanding of your business. With our detailed knowledge of the technologies available to you we can help you identify a solution without preconceptions of what may or may not be possible.

We can facilitate meetings to identify requirements especially where there are several stakeholders involved who need to be consulted and included in the project and complete the research necessary to contribute great ideas and suggestions.

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"Victor Consulting helped us to identify our key HR system requirements and then developed a cost efficient system to meet them. Lorraine Smith, Associate, HR"
Broadway Malyan

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