Making IT a business solution

Making IT a business solution


Victor Consulting are experts at database design and implementation as standalone applications, data stores for applications and data driven websites. We can design the necessary data tables, queries and stored procedures to store and access your data quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access has a lot to recommend it and Victor Consulting have created many solutions using it. It is very good for small solutions especially for single user access. It can also be used successfully as the database behind websites. Access is a great development environment with everything needed within the one application.

Access is also an excellent tool for developing a prototype which can help to crystallise the real business requirements and define the specification for a user interface.

Microsoft SQL Server

For large databases where data integrity and secure access are key in multi-user environments then Victor Consulting develop using the latest SQL Server technologies from Microsoft.


MySQL is a good low cost Open Source solution especially suited for data driven websites. It has the necessary tools to develop fast, secure sites.

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